TR Wishlist

It takes a lot of gear and equipment to get the job done on a deployment.
Help outfit us with the right stuff.


domestic-deployment-kitDomestic Deployment Kit

This is the standard kit for any domestic deployment, whether it involves mucking out a flooded basement, chainsawing trees, or demolishing a home damaged by an earthquake.

Includes: Grey Deployment Shirt, Red High-Visibility Vest, Hard Hat, Eye Pro, Gloves, Respirator, First Aid Kit, Boots

Cost: £100


chainsaw-kitChainsaw Kit

If we could cut down trees with our hands, we would. We’ve actually tried. 

Includes: Chainsaw, Chainsaw Maintenance Kit, Chainsaw Chaps, Faceguard, First Aid Kit, Gloves

Cost: £500


International Deployment Kit

When the going gets tough, we send in our international-qualified volunteers. International ops require a high degree of skill, medical know-how, and self-sufficiency in order to work in inhospitable climates.

Includes: Medic Shirt, GoalZero solar charger, Sat Phone, SPOT Device, Garmin Rhino, Pack, One-man Tent, Headlamp, Litter, H2O Filtration System, 550 Cord, MREs, Medical Supplies, Helmet, Eye Pro, Gloves

Cost: £750

Kind words from the community

It’s extremely important to have strong international partners like Team Rubicon on the ground helping us here. They bring their expertise, we have our local knowledge, we put that all together and we have a winning combination.