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Team Rubicon response to Coverack flooding

Team Rubicon response to Coverack flooding

On Tuesday 18 July at 15:00 a flash flood hit the coastal village of Coverack. Heavy rain and hail hit the area sending a four foot high torrent of water through the Cornish village. The Environment Agency said that four inches (100mm) of rain fell over two to three hours. This left a devastating impact on around 50 properties as well as damaging the main road in the village.

Team Rubicon volunteer Ian Neal responded to the flood as a firefighter and provided links in to the Cornwall Council disaster management team to gain permission for Team Rubicon to mobilise. A team of 23 Team Rubicon volunteers arrived in Coverack on Friday 21 July and spent the weekend assisting the council and the local community in flood recovery and clearance.

The Royal Navy sent around 20 volunteers each day to assist, and Team Rubicon absorbed them into strike teams with other volunteers from Khalsa Aid. TR partners Serve On provided communications equipment and resources as well as additional manpower.

Tasks including shifting mud, clearing contaminated furniture, furnishings and white goods from homes, clearing drains and going door to door checking on vulnerable people. Team Rubicon assessment teams enabled the council to very quickly get a handle on the extent of the damage and to build up an accurate picture for future rebuilding. Quite a lot had already been achieved by the time Team Rubicon arrived thanks to a very efficient council, but all the locals were hugely grateful to have Team Rubicon there coordinating and assisting.

The team completed all requested tasks on Sunday 23 July.

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Thanks go to the following for their help and donations:

  • Sainsburys Helston
  • Sainsburys Falmouth
  • Tesco Helston
  • B&Q
  • Homebase Truro
  • The Co-operative
  • Chloe’s, Coverack
  • Lambeage Hall

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