Op RE:ACT: Read our response to COVID-19 and how you can help

In 2019, Team Rubicon UK helped


disaster survivors around the world


After setting up a Forward Operating Base in Matarara, Strike Team Alpha have coordinated the distribution of 72.2 tonnes of aid to affected isolated communities via helicopter in just two days.

230 Tonnes of Food Aid


42,000 Litres of clean water

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165 Tonnes of Non-Food Aid


1300 Water Purification Units

at a cost of

£ 0

per survivor

When disaster strikes, we respond.


We can’t stop hurricanes, floods or earthquakes.

But we can make sure we're ready for them.

Team Rubicon’s chiefly ex-military volunteers earned their spurs in hostilecharacter-testing environments. Today, they deliver life-saving aid, at home or abroad. Every Greyshirt” volunteer, whether a veteran or civilian, brings grit, determination and hard-won experience to our humanitarian mission. We’re one team with a bias for action, creating order in the wake of destruction.

Because we can make a difference, we believe we must.

Supporting Team Rubicon guarantees that those facing their darkest hour receive the help they need to begin rebuilding their lives.

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Team Rubicon UK is currently working closely with the Government on planning for the nationwide COVID-19 response.

Our fantastic network of Greyshirts have once more answered the call and are poised waiting to deploy on taskings UK wide.