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International Operations Manager

The International Operations Manager will be responsible for building depth on the international response team. The position will help establish and be located at Team Rubicon’s office in Chilmark, near Salisbury and reports to the Director of Field Operations. Whoever fills this role will be responsible for the day-to-day planning and execution of allinternational response operations involving Team Rubicon volunteers and staff. This person will be responsible for the execution of field operations strategy in support of Team Rubicon’s goal to be a leading name in disaster relief.

Team Rubicon’s capacity for international response is growing. During the 2016-17 period we will significantly increase our ability to support Team Rubicon Global operations and leverage the skills, contacts, and experience of UK volunteers to get more done where it matters – in the field. The International Operations Manager will work with core staff and our growing volunteer base to achieve this aim. In addition to day-to-day oversight of operation specific response teams, this role will lead the supervision, mentorship, evaluation, and development of the volunteer operational Team Leaders when they are deployed. The International Operations Manager will be charged with building Team Rubicon national standards for the support and execution of international operations, both as part of wider Team Rubicon Globalresponses, and in time, Team Rubicon-led operations. This role has the potential to require frequent national and international travel based on operational requirement.

Key Responsibilities

  • Build Team Rubicon’s ability to track emerging international disasters then plan, mount, and track response operations under constantly shifting circumstances
  • Manage resourcing of Team Rubicon’s international operations capability, both proactive and reactive
  • Manage the daily execution of Team Rubicon’s response operations team –planning, logistics, operational membership coordination, and operational finance
  • Increase the capacity, proficiency, and measurement of Team Rubiconinternational response operations
  • Help establish and maintain relationships with foreign partners – INGOs, National NGOs, and Civil Society Groups – in order to better understand the environment and better respond in the event of an emergency
  • Be a Team Rubicon ambassador and represent the organisation in the best light possible when interacting with any and all stakeholders, acknowledging that a good or bad experience with you will succeed or fail in engaging that individual to be a volunteer/donor/supporter.
  • Lead operational Team Leaders – train, mentor, evaluate, develop – as they come online
  • Attend relevant public speaking events and conferences in order to gather the latest sector knowledge and represent Team Rubicon
  • Work with the Domestic Operations and Training Manager to maintain volunteer engagement and a training pipeline that best supports operations
  • Coordinate After Action Reports – build an environment of critical thought and attack problems with creative solutions
  • Assist the Director of Field Operations in all other duties as assigned

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