Team gets straight to work after touching down in British Virgin Islands

We need your help! Please support of ongoing work in the Caribbean  - donate to our fundraising appeal Twisted steel hangars, mangled light aircraft, a destroyed helicopter hanging in bare trees, battered boats cast like toys on white sand beaches: these were the scenes that greeted Team Rubicon UK and Serve On volunteers as they touched down in Terrance B Lettsome airport in Beef Island... Read More »

SITREP - Hurricane Irma

| Posted By: Chris Lyon
SITREP – Hurricane Irma

UPDATE 9th September 2017 TEAM RUBICON SPEEDS TO CARIBBEAN AS HURRICANE IRMA WREAKS HAVOC Hurricane Irma has ripped through the Caribbean, destroying homes and livelihoods, flattening hospitals and laying waste to roads, communications, water and electricity supplies. Team Rubicon UK’s skilled volunteers are already in the region, assessing the damage and preparing to move into devastated communities to deliver vital help to those who have... Read More »

Sitrep 01/09/2017 – flooding in the US and Asia, work in the Philippines

The Operation Katimbang project team is now en route home from the Philippines after a very successful two weeks in Mandaue City. We’ll follow up with more updates on the project soon. Team Rubicon UK Operations is currently monitoring the flooding that is affecting residents in Texas. Team Rubicon UK stands ready to assist our colleagues Team Rubicon USA who are already assisting residents of Houston in... Read More »

Sitrep 07/07/17 - Building continues in Uganda

| Posted By: Nathan Nelson

A team of volunteers has returned from Uganda following a successful two weeks in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement, working with partners Feed the Hungry and the refugee community to build fuel-efficient kitchens which will feed up to 20,000 schoolchildren. A second wave of volunteers has started work and has made great progress, completing a new school kitchen at Canrom and making good progress with further building work. The... Read More »

A TR Light Liaison and Assessment Team has returned from Sri Lanka having stayed on after our main deployment to provide assistance in the wake of severe flooding and landslides. The team travelled to several locations around the affected area including IDP (Internally Displaced Persons) camps, where they conducted needs assessments, tested water for contamination, and conducted UAV (drone) surveys to share with local partners. We... Read More »

Sitrep 22/06/17 - TR in Uganda and Sri Lanka

| Posted By: Nathan Nelson

13 TR Greyshirts are now at work in the Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement, Uganda. TR is working in partnership with Feed the Hungry, the Office of the Prime Minister of Uganda and the refugee community to construct permanent, fuel-efficient kitchens to feed thousands of schoolchildren. Construction of two kitchen buildings has reached roof height with two more buildings started, while another team has been working to build... Read More »

Sitrep 15/06/17 - TRUK deployed to Sri Lanka and Uganda

| Posted By: Nathan Nelson

TR volunteers are now in Sri Lanka, and have been working closely with the community in the Matara District of the Southern Province, one of the areas most severely affected by recent flooding and landslides. One strike team has focussed on rebuilding a bridge destroyed by flooding resulting in a community losing access to school and work. Another team has been rebuilding a home which had been completely destroyed... Read More »

We have a team in Sri Lanka assessing the scope of TR assistance following flooding and landslides affecting over half a million people. Find out more about our recce in Sri Lanka and please donate now to support our deployment to assist affected communities. In other news, our upcoming deployment to Uganda begins later this month, a recce has been completed to identify task requirements for... Read More »

Sitrep 30/05/17 – Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and planned operations

  Sri Lanka: An estimated 558,000 people are understood to have been affected by flooding and mudslides caused by monsoon rains. TR Operations is in contact with the Sri Lanka authorities to assess how we might be able to assist and we have a recce team on standby. Bangladesh: Cyclone Mora has made landfall in Bangladesh bringing heavy rain and winds with the risk of... Read More »

Sitrep 02/05/17

| Posted By: Nathan Nelson
Sitrep 02/05/17

TRUK Operations continues to monitor the situation in East Africa while planning a range of reconstruction and partnered operations.... Read More »