Living through Hurricane Maria

| Posted By: Lizzy Stileman
Living through Hurricane Maria

Support our emergency hurricane relief appeal with a donation now Arriving in the British Virgin Islands to help with the relief effort following Hurricane Irma, the last thought that crossed my mind was that I would be facing a Category 5 storm less than two weeks later; this time Hurricane Maria. Initially, we were told that Maria could be a Tropical Storm, but the category... Read More »

Intern Alex on his experience with Team Rubicon

| Posted By: Alex Channon
Intern Alex on his experience with Team Rubicon

Hi, my name’s Alex. I joined Team Rubicon UK as an intern in the Development and Fundraising team at the beginning of June. I’m a 2nd-year undergraduate studying Geography at the University of Plymouth. I’ve had the chance to work within a variety of areas since joining TR - I’d be lying if I said that I’d regretted spending my summer here, so for anyone... Read More »

The Value of Engagement

| Posted By: Gordy Wills

It is a tired cliché, when encouraging people to engage with something, that you only get out what you put in. But if you are looking for Team Rubicon to help restore your purpose and to be part of your community, then the rest of us can only help you if you take an active role. And it is worth it. I got involved with... Read More »

Never accepting the limits of your endurance – TR volunteer Nick on completing the Marathon des Sables

How do you find yourself taking on the Marathon des Sables, renowned as the ‘World’s Toughest Footrace’? 250 kilometres across the Sahara in six stages over six days in the toughest of conditions; searing heat, gruelling sand dunes and the most inhospitable of environments.  You do it by scaring yourself, challenging yourself and never accepting the limits of your endurance. In 2015 my business partner... Read More »

Building skills in security and risk management

| Posted By: Damien Earl
Building skills in security and risk management

Day 1 - Management of Risk After a five hour drive from Team Rubicon HQ I finally arrived at the Emergency Planning College in Easingwold, Yorkshire. So what was I doing here? To answer that question I should probably give a quick introduction. Having spent seven years in the military, as a human terrain analyst and cultural specialist, I left in 2014 to help establish a... Read More »

From the Forces to Team Rubicon UK - a comparison

| Posted By: Mark Kitchin
From the Forces to Team Rubicon UK – a comparison

Wanting an active outdoor job that involved overseas travel, working with like-minded people and the opportunity to assist communities suffering from the effects of strife or natural disasters were the very reasons I joined the Army. I strongly believed that if I could save a life or make an impact on improving the lives of those suffering then it would be worthwhile career to pursue... Read More »