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What it takes to deploy abroad

Deploying internationally is complex and requires a significant amount of planning and coordination. When we arrive on site after a disaster in a foreign country, all eyes and hope have turned to us, expecting immediate action and results. Disasters are no-excuse, results-only zones. Selection is competitive.

Team Rubicon will sort you out with travel and logistics and take you into the breach, but we need you to cover down on the administrative side of deploying. We are allowed access to vulnerable populations after devastating disasters because we are professionals. We have credentials, we have support, and we have rapport. This is built upon brilliance in the basics.

Be ready

Holding to Team Rubicon’s hard routine requires discipline, resilience and the ability to work as part of a team. Your expertise and efforts are needed on the ground, but are you prepared to deploy? Have you completed your induction? Can you carry your weight and support your fellow team members? Have you taken care of the basics?

  1. Complete your volunteer profile in Roll Call. We use Roll Call, a volunteer management system, to manage volunteers and allow you to keep your own information up to date. Your volunteer profile needs to be complete and current. This section holds the most pertinent personal information as well as your skills and experience. Disasters vary and the skillsets we require from volunteers vary from operation to operation - if we don’t know what you can offer, you may miss your chance.
  2. Passport. Valid with an expiration date of no earlier than six months from date of departure.
  3. Current immunisation records. Responders must not become victims.
  4. Availability. You must have a minimum of 14 consecutive days to support the operation.


This is a volunteer position, and we expect you to dedicate yourself to our principles: Tenacity, impartiality, accountability, collaboration, and innovation. When in the area of operations, you represent Team Rubicon and your actions and conduct reflect on our entire organisation.


Once availability to deploy on an approved international operation is listed, the vetting process begins by verifying your availability and information listed in your Roll Call profile. If administrative criteria is met, volunteers will be immediately contacted with further instructions. Those who do not meet the initial vetting criteria will be contacted after the first wave is dispatched with an explanation detailing why they could not deploy. You may be able to apply to deploy on a subsequent wave.

Go time

In most cases we expect volunteers to link up with their team at our headquarters in Wiltshire for onward transportation. We have medical checks and other admin to take care of. When we’re up against the clock, we may fly you directly to the disaster zone. Time is imperative, as is your personal readiness.

Team Rubicon has a hard-earned reputation, and the international community has high expectations for us, especially when Mother Nature stirs up chaos and confusion. We must continue to maintain the high state of personal and organisational readiness for when we receive the call, we can respond immediately with a resounding “Send me.”

Are you ready?

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