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From Operations Support Intern to Public Information Officer

I joined Team Rubicon UK after attending an induction weekend held in Edinburgh, in late 2016. In the middle of an already new and exciting course, the operation to Haiti had just been given the go ahead back at HQ- which piqued my interest in TR even more.

During my time as an Operations Support intern, I was responsible for helping to plan and execute several different international and domestic operations. This involved selecting and organising personnel for operations under significant time pressure, as well as ensuring that all of their medical and operational needs were met prior to deployment. I was able to develop my understanding of the issues and challenges associated with operating in a humanitarian environment, and became quite adept at negotiating many of these challenges alongside staff and other interns. I also learned how to plan and direct different training events for up to 40 people; ensuring that logistical needs were met, in addition to teaching modules. Most recently, I organised and ran a volunteer training weekend largely independently, which received very positive feedback from participants.

Other tasks included the day to day administrative tasks that accompany an operations department, as well as drafting pieces of policy for TRUK, as it is a still growing organisation. I worked closely with others in the organisation to create these Standard Operating Procedures, which will be implemented as part of the running of the organisation in future.

Operation Katimbang – prepping the walls to be repainted in Umapad Elementary School, Cebu City, Philippines.

I was also fortunate enough to deploy to Mandaue City in the Philippines as part of Operation Katimbang, which was such an exciting and eye-opening opportunity, working alongside partner organisations Serve On and Dentaid . The deployment aimed to perform Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) and International Search and Rescue (ISAR) training with the local Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation (ERUF), oral hygiene lessons in local schools with emergency dental work, earthquake readiness training in local schools, and classroom refurbishment. I was selected to act as the Public Information Officer (PIO), taking photographs and videos for media and organisational release. I also enabled interviews with members of the team, as well as collecting stories from relevant team members about their experiences.

I loved every aspect of my time at Team Rubicon UK- from the people I met, to the skills I developed and the opportunities afforded me. I can’t wait to hopefully continue my involvement in the coming years.

To meet our rapidly growing operational commitments, we’re looking for dedicated interns to join our team now .

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