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#Eleven11 – Chris on pitching in with TR

This Remembrance Day we are running a campaign called Eleven11 and encouraging people to join our critical Team Rubicon Support Squad. Through a monthly donation of £11 or more, you can make a massive impact at Team Rubicon.  The beauty of Team Rubicon is our dual mission, where your money makes double the difference – by positively impacting both the communities affected by disasters who we assist, and the veterans who serve them.  During November we are bringing you a series of 11 blogs which will show the difference Team Rubicon makes and, hopefully, inspire you to join our Support Squad.

Meet Chris who volunteers her time in the office.

Chris, who is hopefully wearing the beanie because it looks awesome and not because we've left the heating off.
Chris, who is hopefully wearing the beanie because it looks awesome and not because we’ve left the heating off.

I turned right instead of going straight on and found myself at the front door of Team Rubicon UK!  I live in the village where the HQ of TRUK is located, and after receiving a flyer through my door about a TRUK open day I had become curious.

I served in the RAF and worked for the MOD until I retired in 2015, I was looking to apply my experience and skills volunteering but was undecided on what area I wanted to volunteer.

I knocked on the door with an open mind and within a very short time felt very at home with Chris Lyon, who is the Tech and Innovation Manager, and Fran Reed, who is the Executive Assistant. They chatted to me about their time in the military and what TRUK was all about.  I made it clear that I was happy to pitch in and help in whatever way I could.  I emailed my CV and within a few days was asked to help the fundraising team, I was made very welcome and started to research and record detail of outdoor kit suppliers and manufacturers, contact details of key church members within the three dioceses in the surrounding counties, also contact details of those responsible for the organization of local and national events.

I really enjoyed attending a Local Resilience Forum which was a real education on the variety of volunteer organizations that are involved in supporting the Police, Fire, Paramedics and the Local Authorities involved in disaster relief.

I was delighted to join the team on an exercise to assess the process of the Somerset Local Authority to handle spontaneous volunteers, again an education and very enjoyable.

I have sold raffle tickets, packed Christmas cards, tidied the kitchen and done the washing-up!  all has been much appreciated by the team.  I love the “roll sleeves up and get on with it”, everyone is valued and treated equally whatever you are doing or whatever you bring to the table.  The team has the camaraderie and banter of the military without the rigidness and pecking order.

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Find out more about Eleven11 and how you can join our Support Squad.

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