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#Eleven11 – Gareth on finding a can-do attitude in TR

This Remembrance Day we are running a campaign called Eleven11 and encouraging people to join our critical Team Rubicon Support Squad. Through a monthly donation of £11 or more, you can make a massive impact at Team Rubicon.  The beauty of Team Rubicon is our dual mission, where your money makes double the difference – by positively impacting both the communities affected by disasters who we assist, and the veterans who serve them.  During November we are bringing you a series of 11 blogs which will show the difference Team Rubicon makes and, hopefully, inspire you to join our Support Squad.

Meet Gareth who helped staff the 24 hour Ops Room during our deployment to Haiti.

Gareth joined our June 2016 training course, one of our earliest, to become a Greyshirt.

I heard about Team Rubicon through the chairman of the board of directors who lives close to me. He mentioned TR late last year and I looked at their website to see if they were the sort of organization that I might want to be part of. I had just left the Army; I am self-employed, and I thought I might be able to use a little of my spare time to help. I have never worked in disaster relief but I can juggle a chainsaw and am handy with a crowbar. Having read what Team Rubicon is all about, what they do, who they want to include and what they offer, I signed up.

I haven’t deployed on any TR operations but I have been quietly helping out in the background. I have helped a little on the media side, I have held the fort in the ops room during the recent deployment to Haiti (that’s code for making coffee for the real workers, emptying Dan’s bins and generally entertaining the troops), and I have been bombarding Chris (Tech and Innovation Manager) and Becky (Director of Development) with loads of suggestions, offers and good ideas, most of which I have failed to follow up on. But they seem to appreciate it and so I will continue to fill their inboxes.

I joined Team Rubicon to help others. I know that sounds a bit clichéd but hey, it’s true. Team Rubicon are an organisation with the same can-do attitude that I recognize from my 28 years of service; they also have a high level of expertise in the things that matter when dealing with the aftermath of disasters.  Oh, and they’re quite fun too.

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Find out more about Eleven11 and how you can join our Support Squad.

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