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#Eleven11 – Neil on engaging with a community to support their recovery

This Remembrance Day we are running a campaign called Eleven11 and encouraging people to join our critical Team Rubicon Support Squad. Through a monthly donation of £11 or more, you can make a massive impact at Team Rubicon.  The beauty of Team Rubicon is our dual mission, where your money makes double the difference – by positively impacting both the communities affected by disasters who we assist, and the veterans who serve them.  During November we are bringing you a series of 11 blogs which will show the difference Team Rubicon makes and, hopefully, inspire you to join our Support Squad.

Meet Neil. This is his reflection on his deployment to Haiti to support Operation Trogon, our mission to assist communities affected by Hurricane Matthew.

TR volunteer Neil works with locals to repair a school
TR volunteer Neil works with locals to repair a school

I have been lucky enough to deploy to Haiti to assist in the Team Rubicon UK response, Operation Trogon, to Hurricane Matthew which devastated the western region of Haiti.

We have all been welcomed by everyone in the local community, who, in a time of so much loss, have offered the team so much kindness and goodwill. I know that our actions are making a difference and strong bonds are being formed between Team Rubicon and the local community. I feel the challenge that has been set upon us will live long after we depart.

The advanced recon team were able to make an early assessment of various affected rural communities.  The damage was widespread. We moved to the communities of Morency and Ravine Sable, as it was apparent that these communities had borne the brunt of the damage brought about by Hurricane Matthew.

One of the issues we were able to help address was the damage many schools had faced. The local Minister for Education asked the team to re-construct schools.

We demolished the remains of the existing school in order to construct a semi-permanent structure that will afford shelter to the children when they return to school. Because of the work we did to re-construct 2 schools, local school children returned to school on Tuesday, 17th of October.

TR volunteers and the locals of Morency
TR volunteers and the locals of Morency

This left an emotional mark, not only on me, but also on my colleagues. It made us realise how fortunate we are in the UK. I have felt that our efforts have been appreciated by the community, in their time of need. We have been able to engage with the community and in particular, builders and constructors who have been key in our endeavours re-build their schools.

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