What your £11 a month could do

Disasters don’t take a day off, and with your support we can ensure we are ready to support the disaster hit communities on the worst days of their lives. Your donation of £11 a month could be used in a variety of ways:

Domestic Response

As flooding becomes a regular occurance in the UK each winter, we stand ready to respond: managing spontaneous volunteers, clearing homes and community facilities, all while supporting the blue light services.

International Reponse

The diverse makeup of our volunteer teams gives us flexibility to respond remotely and in the areas of greatest need, including emergency medical care, assessment and mapping, route clearance, and repair of homes and community facilities. Your regular donation will allow us to scale our capability to respond to disasters.

Deliberate Operations

When the media spotlight is gone from a disaster there is still a huge amount of work to get communities even closer to their previous way of life. We help mobilise communities, supporting them in rebuilding infrastructure and working with them to build resilience against future disasters.

Disasters are our business. Veterans are our passion.

Your regular donation has a dual impact, both supporting disaster hit communities and helping Military veterans find that important sense of purpose, which is often lost when leaving the Armed Forces. By donating £11 a month, in a year you could fund the training of a Team Rubicon volunteer. The impact that one individual will make once trained will continually grow. They could deploy on domestic and international operations, support local communities through taking part in service projects, and be a force multiplier through training other volunteers, sharing their skills and experience.


In joining Team Rubicon, I rediscovered something I hadn’t realised I had lost after leaving the military. My problems suddenly seemed trivial compared to those living through a disaster. This allowed me to move forward with a reinvigorated sense of perspective and purpose.

Bags Simmons, British Army Veteran


Real impact

Team Rubicon recently deployed to the Caribbean in response to Hurricane Irma and Maria.  This is our largest operation in our history and we have supported the locals through purifying water, repairing schools, erecting emergency shelters, mentoring locals in disaster management and clearing routes in order to enable aid to get through.

Local resident Barbara explains the difference Team Rubicon has made in the Caribbean