Fundraise. Raise Funds.

Deploying domestically or internationally after a natural disaster costs money. Delivering specialist training to hundreds of volunteers a year costs money. Monitoring weather systems worldwide 24/7 from HQ costs money.

Money doesn’t grow on trees.

Simply put, we can’t do what we do without your help.

We can all do it. Get out there and do something. Anything. Maybe you’re a sports fanatic who likes pushing your body to the limit. Maybe you like making things which could sell for a donation. If you think your friends, family or colleagues might support you with a few quid, it’s worth a shot.

First of all, make sure you set up an online fundraising page with TotalGiving so it is super-easy to receive digital donations!

You can also download and print a Sponsorship Form. This is perfect for fundraising events in schools or workplaces, where you want to get commitment there and then on the spot: “Oh? You’d like to help? Here’s a pen…”.  Speak to our friendly team for more tips and advice.

You might fancy getting some branded TR kit for your fundraising activities, great for those sweaty selfies (this applies whether you are running or baking).

We've got you covered.

Depending on the size and nature of your event you can access a full suite of fundraising materials to generate awareness, increase engagement and hopefully donations. These include:

  • TR Official Flyers
  • ‘White Label’ posters/flyers for you to use to advertise your event
  • ‘About Us’ and ‘Volunteer’ flyers and booklets
  • Sponsorship Forms
  • TRUK collection buckets and boxes
  • ‘Pull-up’ TRUK Banners and TRUK Gazebos
  • TRUK ‘Swag’ to sell including wristbands, car stickers and t-shirts

Want to sell tickets to an event? Making them available online is a must. Try a site like ‘Eventbrite’ for easy ticket sales (fees applicable).

Want to let people know about an event? Use the free Facebook Events tool to promote and share the invitation!

Did you know that sharing your fundraising page online can increase donations by up to 20%? Also, don’t forget to register your birthday as a fundraiser on Facebook.

Get involved.

Dig out your trainers and do a fun run, 10k or Ironman. Why not get fit whilst fundraising? Double bubble.

Hugely popular with fundraisers, go solo or take part in a team event with your mates – raise more cash! And you know you look great in lycra.

Knock up some biscuits, cakes or pastries, and sell to your friends, family and colleagues for a tasty profit.

Surely bathing in baked beans needs to make a comeback? If not, try your own fun and unique fundraising idea – just make sure it’s legal!

You’ve always known you’re the host with the most. Prove it by organising a quiz night, dinner party or cheese and wine evening. Vol-au-vents anyone?

Get in touch with your local supermarket and see if you can help pack bags for a donation, or do a static bike ride where everyone can see you!


Get inspired.

Damian Lewis

“We decided to take on these challenges to gain a personal sense of what it feels like to be broken, but to have to keep on going, no matter what. That’s what survivors of and responders to disasters have to deal with all the time.”

Get your workplace involved. Damian Lewis from Inmarsat took on a series of “Running for Rubicon” challenges, some solo, some with colleagues – but all very tough. From running up and down the Inmarsat building to Tough Mudder and the Wolf Run, it shows how fundraising can scale up when you get a few others involved. Damian is aiming to raise an incredible £70,000 over 12 months!

Bill & Marie Stephenson

“We have supported Team Rubicon with our fundraising activities as a general ‘pat on the back’ for an organisation whose aim is to help others when struck by devastation caused by ‘mother nature’. Witnessing Team Rubicon supporting communities on their journey to recovery has been inspirational.”

Pull on your trainers and some lycra and get running. Run around the garden. Run up and down the street. Take part in an organised run or design your own route. Bill and Marie Stephenson took part in the Great North Run and raised over £1,000!

Nick Spicer

“When my own challenges become tough, I remind myself it’s nothing compared to what the survivors of natural disaster are facing. Supporting Team Rubicon and the volunteers they send into harm’s way to help those in need becomes a really easy decision.”

If you want a personal challenge and love the idea of pushing yourself to the limit for a good cause, why not try an Iron Man/Ultra event? Last year Nick Spicer took part in the Marathon des Sables, and this year tackled the Brutal Extreme Ironman in Snowdonia. “I thought it would be flatter...” commented Nick.

Ria, Age 12

“At an assembly we heard about the tsunami in Indonesia, how children and families had lost their homes and had no clean water. All my friends and their parents baked cakes for my bake sale, and we raised £245! As Team Rubicon were going out to help, we gave it to them.”

Get your office, gym, school or church involved. Scale it up. Bake sales are always good. Everyone loves cake. Ria raised over £200 selling cakes to her friends and teachers – be more like Ria!

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