Fundraising FAQs

General Fundraising FAQs

TRUK would love to shout from the roof tops about your event – telling as many people as possible about what you are doing is key to making it a huge success. Whilst TRUK can't publicise the event, we do have a few “TR Top Tips”.

  • put up flyers and posters
  • contact your local paper and radio station
  • check if there are any other local listings you can post your event on

We can also help with social media - tweet us about your event using @TeamRubiconUK and we will try to retweet to our followers. You can also post on our Facebook page.

We are incredibly grateful to anyone who has decided to fundraise for TRUK, unfortunately we cannot help pay for your event. Every penny that comes into TRUK is allocated and spent to support individuals that have been affected by natural disasters around the world. We therefore hope you will understand that we cannot use any money we receive to pay for events.

TRUK are extremely fortunate to work with a small network of large and well-known companies. We are incredibly grateful for the support they show us, and to respect this partnership we do not give out corporate contacts.

Once you have registered your plans, we will send you through a “kit list” request form which we would ask you to complete. This form will then automatically be sent back to the team and we will ensure you receive the right promotional items for your event.

Whilst TRUK would like to attend every event that is being put on to raise much needed funds, we are a very small full time team. We have an incredible network of Greyshirt volunteers, however, they all have busy professional lives, families and other commitments and we need to reserve all their “TRUK time” for deployments, training and volunteering at HQ.

We will be with you in spirt though and thank you very much for your support!

If you would like to use our logo on any marketing materials, please click here for access to our special supporter logos.

Finally, please do not take our logo straight from the internet; it won't be high enough resolution for what you want, and won't be the correct one for what you need.

You may need to take out event insurance and public liability insurance, depending on your intended event. An event insurance company would be able to advise you on the right level of cover required to suit your plans. The different types include:

  • public liability cover
  • event cancellation insurance
  • travel or health insurance
  • cover to meet any contractual conditions
  • damage to property owned, hired or borrowed

If the fundraising is by a group of people attached to a firm, the company’s insurers may consider providing some cover for a staff or customer charitable event. Check with your company first.

We would love to, as having a celebrity at your fundraiser would certainly raise the profile, but unfortunately TRUK cannot organise this for you. If you would like to invite a celebrity, we recommend getting in touch with their agent.

If you are planning a lottery (such as a raffle, tombola or sweepstake), you should be aware that there are strict laws and rules about what you can do.

For those in England, Wales or Scotland, the Gambling Commission publishes useful guidance about these at

The Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action publishes guidance for Northern Ireland at

Yes, TRUK welcomes all fundraisers no matter what their age! If you are under 18 or have people involved in the fundraiser that are, please make sure they have permission from their parent or guardian, and are supervised by a responsible adult.

To register your fundraising plans, a parent or guardian would need to complete the form on your behalf.

Children should never approach strangers about fundraising. It is illegal for children under 16 years of age to participate in public collections. Never leave your children unsupervised during an event or fundraising activity.

We recommend you purchase a lockable box so if you are running a stall or taking donations you can store the cash in a secure location.

At larger functions, handling the money is a full-time job for one of the organising team. It is good practice for two people to be present whenever cash is handled and, wherever possible, the money should be counted/verified by both people. Everybody should be conscious of security and the possibility of theft.

And finally don’t forget to get plenty of money bags from the bank for all the coins and hopefully lots of notes!

Post Event FAQs

Firstly, a huge thank you! The money you have raised really will make a huge difference. So that we can help as many of our beneficiaries as quickly as possible, we would really appreciate receiving the money you have raised as soon as possible, preferably by the next working day. Thank you for your support.

You can pay your money in a number of ways:

At the bank

Our account details are:

Bank: Barclays

Account Name: Team Rubicon UK

Account Number: 83126668

Sort-code: 20-83-02

It is also very important that you email [email protected] once you have deposited the money so we can then allocate your funding achievements and send a receipt/thank you. Please include your name, address and
Event Registration Number. This is so we can trace your payment and ensure we can thank you for your hard work.

By post

Please send us a cheque, made payable to Team Rubicon UK, and covering letter to –

Team Rubicon UK




If you have set up an online page with Crowdfunder, your donations will come directly to us, but please make sure you tell us when your fundraiser has finished, so we can thank you for your hard work. Please email [email protected] with the information.

At TRUK we love to hear about all the amazing things our supporters do. It might be possible to give you a shout out on our social media channels, depending on operations, please email [email protected] with your Event Registration Number and your twitter handle.