Fundraising Ideas

Getting started

A huge thank you for stepping into the arena to raise, much needed, funds for TRUK. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to come up with your own fundraising initiatives so here’s some ideas that might get the juices flowing:

Bring & Buy Sale

Car Boot Sale

Office Swear Box

Wine Tasting Evening

Garden Party

Golf Tournament

Night-time Walk


Tug of War


From a sponsored baked bean bath to a BBQ with your mates, no matter how big or how small – we can’t thank you enough!

Challenge Yourself

Fundraising not challenging enough for you? Well how about some of these ideas to get the adrenalin pumping whilst raising funds for the small but high impact charity that is TRUK:


Assault Course

Bike Race




Rowing Competition

Running Competition

Tennis Competition

Volleyball Competition

Whether setting yourself a fitness goal, achieving a life-long ambition or marking a milestone, push yourself to the limit and help support those having their darkest day.