Join a multi-agency disaster response exercise this May

Here’s a great opportunity to join a multi-agency disaster response exercise, regardless of your level of previous engagement with TRUK.

WHAT: Volunteers required to deploy on SIMEX – a multi-national, multi-agency disaster response training exercise.

WHERE: The Team Rubicon input will be split between two locations:

WHEN: Saturday 6 May – Thursday 11 May 2017 (including mission-specific training and debriefing).


The SimEx series of exercises have taken place annually over five years and are run by Portsmouth University. They are used to accredit various UN / INSARAG assets. The exercise utilises a mixture of live play and simulation at the tactical and operational level to practice and test both national and international emergency response mechanisms. As such the exercise will concurrently run a domestic and an international disaster. The overall aims of the exercise are to:

  • Improve and build International and National response capability
  • Promote coordination of humanitarian/public assistance
  • Research and evaluate emergency management systems including institutional and legal frameworks.

There will be over 2000 players from the following key organisations including:

  • UN (UNDAC, INSARAG, OCHA, FCO, DFID) These are key agencies in growing our reputation in the international response community.
  • UK Government (DCLG, NHS, EA, Police, Ambulance, Fire, 13 LRFs). There is a focus on TR’s Spontaneous Volunteer (SPONVOL) processes which have just been pushed down from Civil Contingencies Secretariat as a key area of need. SPONVOL is a key capability gap for Local Authorities and thus an area we can add real value and build our reputation.
  • Education- the Portsmouth University’s Crisis & Disaster Management MSc students are being assessed as co-ordinators of the exercise response and a number of educational assessments will be taking place.
  • At least 10 key NGOs

Team Rubicon UK will deploy volunteers as follows:

  • UK/Domestic. We will deploy an Incident Management Team (IMT) and two strike teams (20 personnel) to demonstrate SPONtaneous VOLunteer (SPONVOL) management.
  • International. An IMT and two strike teams will potential to trial the Light Assessment Team concept.
  • Exercise Assistance. TR will have a footprint within EXCON and also provide role players.


All members, regardless of previous TR engagement will be considered and are encouraged to apply. You must be registered as a Team Rubicon volunteer to participate.


Because we have three different roles in the SIMEX, there is a wide variety of skills and experience required from none to uber-ninja Incident Management Team specialist. But don’t worry, we won’t ask you to do anything beyond your capabilities!

Let us know on the sign-up form what you are interested in doing, and we will select people for roles based on:

  • Previous TR training and experience
  • Previous training and experience outside of TR
  • Relevant skills – there are many we can use! 

If you are allocated a place on SIMEX we will send you Joining Instructions by email.

Up for it?

Firstly, if you are not already signed up, register now as a Team Rubicon volunteer.

Express interest in joining SIMEX 2017

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