TR Wishlist

It takes a lot of gear and equipment to get the job done on a deployment.
Help outfit us with the right stuff.


domestic-deployment-kitDomestic Deployment Kit

This is the standard kit for any domestic deployment, whether it involves mucking out a flooded basement, chainsawing trees, or demolishing a home damaged by an earthquake.

Includes: Grey Deployment Shirt, Red High-Visibility Vest, Hard Hat, Eye Pro, Gloves, Respirator, First Aid Kit, Boots

Cost: £100


chainsaw-kitChainsaw Kit

If we could cut down trees with our hands, we would. We’ve actually tried. 

Includes: Chainsaw, Chainsaw Maintenance Kit, Chainsaw Chaps, Faceguard, First Aid Kit, Gloves

Cost: £500


International Deployment Kit

When the going gets tough, we send in our international-qualified volunteers. International ops require a high degree of skill, medical know-how, and self-sufficiency in order to work in inhospitable climates.

Includes: Medic Shirt, GoalZero solar charger, Sat Phone, SPOT Device, Garmin Rhino, Pack, One-man Tent, Headlamp, Litter, H2O Filtration System, 550 Cord, MREs, Medical Supplies, Helmet, Eye Pro, Gloves

Cost: £750

Kind words from the community

Who needs Batman and Batwoman while we have Team Rubicon. A true privilege to have met you all you will forever hold a special place in my heart and the heartbeat of Tadcaster.