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Team Rubicon UK is a disaster response charity that harnesses the skills and experience of military veterans, serving members of the Armed Forces, emergency responders and civilians to deliver urgent and practical relief when disasters strike, either at home or abroad. Since its inception in 2015, Team Rubicon UK has responded to over 20 disasters in the UK and internationally, from flooding in Yorkshire, Cornwall and Sri Lanka to earthquakes in Nepal and most recently hurricanes in the Caribbean.

We are seeking new volunteers to join our growing team.

TR volunteers work with locals in the British Virgin Islands to prepare a building for the arrival of Hurricane Maria recently.

This year alone, Team Rubicon UK has responded to flooding in Sri Lanka and Cornwall and the refugee crisis in Greece and Uganda. In September, we launched our largest operation to date in response to Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean. As we look to the future we want to build our growing community of volunteers to ensure that we have the capacity to respond to disasters wherever and whenever they happen, and to be the most effective disaster response organisation we can be by making the best use of our volunteers’ skills.

What kind of people are Team Rubicon volunteers?

Our community of volunteers is welcoming and passionate about service to others. Around 80% of our volunteers are Armed Forces veterans or are still in active service, with the remainder of our number being civilians with applicable skills - ambulance paramedics, firefighters, IT consultants, telecomms experts and more. Many of our volunteers say that the greatest strength of Team Rubicon is in the diversity of our membership and the variety of complimentary skills volunteers have, all working towards the shared goal of serving those in need.

No prior experience of disaster response is required, just an enthusiastic approach and a strong desire to get stuck in and help others, whatever the task may be. We only ask that you are keen, able to work as part of a team, and have a strong desire to get stuck in and help others, whatever the task may be.

Why do you call your volunteers “Greyshirts”?

Volunteers complete an initial induction course - these run monthly, and take a weekend. The course covers a variety of topics including working within the UK Resilience environment, the tech we use on deployments, psychological first aid and Team Rubicon culture. On completion of this course, you are awarded the Team Rubicon grey T-shirt worn by all of our volunteers on deployment. You’re a Greyshirt!

What do you do as a Team Rubicon volunteer?

Our volunteers’ skills include spontaneous volunteer management, mapping, rapid assessment, hasty home repair, debris management, incident management, hazard mitigation and medical support. Greyshirts offer critical support in tough, constantly changing scenarios by being able to adapt rapidly as situations develop.

As well as potential deployments, volunteers have the opportunity to engage in training courses, community-based service projects and deliberate international operations. We also always need help with supporting operations from our HQ in Wiltshire.

How do I sign up?

Hit the button below, provide some details, and you’ll hear from us soon. Starting the process is as simple as clicking the area you live in on a map.

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