Op RE:ACT: Helping to deliver one million meals with Salute The NHS

A photo showing Team Rubicon UK Operations Manager packing boxes of meals on a production line in support of the "Salute The NHS" initiative.

As the UK rallies around the incredible dedication of those on the front line of the COVID-19 crisis, we report on Team Rubicon UK’s involvement in a brilliant scheme to support NHS workers.

1 millions meals. 12,000 meals per day. Over 3 months. That’s the target of salutethenhs.org, an initiative set up by DreamChasing, The Dennis Foundation, to provide nutritious, balanced and tasty meals for NHS staff working tirelessly to get the nation through the worst health emergency in living memory.

Established by former McLaren CEO Ron Dennis and Nigel Harris, owner of Absolute Taste, the campaign aims to unite organisations such as Tesco, Yodel and Team Rubicon UK, and combine their skills and resources to help look after NHS key workers as a token of gratitude for their immense efforts in looking after the nation.

With its expertise in last-mile logistics and a cohort of largely ex-military, highly-trained volunteers, Team Rubicon UK was asked to help rapidly set up the operation in a warehouse in Oxfordshire.

“We were put in touch with Team Rubicon UK by the army and within 24 hours they had organised seven veteran volunteers to help,” said project lead Simon Roberts, former Chief Operating Officer of the McLaren Formula 1 team. “Not only have these guys provided manpower, they’ve helped us set up a system for ongoing support for volunteers from the local area, as well as the induction process, training and how to manage volunteers in a good, professional and safe way.”

With the project up and running, Team Rubicon UK volunteers are now involved in the packing and distribution of ‘Boost’ energy packs, meal packs and home packs, to ensure NHS hospital staff both at work and isolating at home have guaranteed, sustainable food supplies.

Initially operating at 170 meal boxes per day, the scheme will be ramped up in the coming weeks and at maximum volume will be providing 12,000 meals every day.

Alongside existing Team Rubicon UK volunteers, Greyshirts, are veterans who have come forward to volunteer as part of Op RE:ACT, Team Rubicon UK’s response to COVID-19.

Matt Quick, formerly of the Scots Guards, heard of Op RE:ACT on a recent Declassified podcast and signed up immediately. “I thought this was the perfect opportunity to continue my service to the country and do it in a really positive manner,” said Matt.

Another veteran, Dave Benton, similarly signed up to volunteer for Op RE:ACT as soon as it launched. “I felt like I needed to do something,” said Dave, now a logistics consultant. “I answered the call and put my skills forward to help.”

More used to being on the front line of international disasters, Team Rubicon UK is now proudly supporting those at the coalface of this domestic crisis.

If you’re a veteran and want to volunteer JOIN OP RE:ACT now.

We rely solely on public donations. If you can help us, please DONATE today.

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