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Operation Katimbang field report

Operation Katimbang field report

One week in to Operation Katimbang, and volunteers from Team Rubicon UK, Serve On and Dentaid have made great progress in Mandaue City, Cebu.

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With five main areas of work and all three charities closely involved in various ways, the team has been kept busy. Thanks to Gordy Wills and Maddie Weir for the updates below.

Classroom refurbishments

Volunteers work to replace the ceiling in a classroom. (Image: Maddie Weir)

Team Rubicon Greyshirts have gutted a classroom and replaced the roof, adding a new ceiling and repainting the room. This will transform a dark, damp classroom to a dry and airy room suitable for teaching kindergarten children.

Dental clinic

A Dentaid volunteer treats another patient (Image: Maddie Weir)

Dentaid dentail surgeons have seen hundreds of children, assisted by the project team who have run patient admin and sterilisation of kit. The Dentaid team have been able to perform numerous extractions and other treatments as well as engaging children in oral health education.

Emergency Services Training

Serve On works with the local Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation on rescue techniques and practices (Image: Chris Shirley)

Assisted by TR medics, Serve On has been working with teams from the local Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation (ERUF) to deliver courses in Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) techniques and practices.  The students that are coming through are really excited and are learning loads - they are also sharing new ideas with the instructor team.

Earthquake preparedness lessons

TR volunteer Chris assists a student who presents on what to do in the aftermath of an earthquake (Image: Maddie Weir)

Lessons in earthquake preparedness have been delivered at schools throughout the district, led by Serve On and supported by all three charities. The lessons have reinforced a lot of knowledge these children, living in an area prone to earthquakes, already have - with the advantage of helping them practice speaking and writing English. Classes have split into groups to work on presentations and over the weekend, children have attended reading workshops while their parents have visited the dental clinic.

Building future links

Team Rubicon and Serve On have been working to build and strengthen links with local agencies to facilitate future work together and improve any future disaster response in the area.

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