Why Team Rubicon UK is helping Gurkhas in Nepal

Team Rubicon is in Nepal, working with the Gurkha Welfare Trust to help local communities prepare and train for disaster.

Here, one of our Greyshirts explains the mission – our third in the region since responding to the 2015 earthquake– and why it is important.


I’ve deployed with Team Rubicon to Nepal to deliver community emergency response training to members of the Gurkha Welfare Trust – a charity that provides financial, medical and development aid to Gurkha veterans and their families.

My teammates are covering emergency medicine and basic search and rescue techniques. I’m responsible for delivering training in incident management.  

This includes understanding leadership and teamwork; situational awareness, communication and collaboration; an introduction to the Incident Command System; and methods on how to plan and execute a disaster response.

We often use the term ‘first responders’ to refer to the emergency services, but the reality is that in most disasters the actual first responders are those who have been directly impacted themselves: the people we often see labelled as ‘victims’.

That can be doubly so in a place like Nepal. The physical geography of much of this country means that towns are often linked only by narrow, winding roads running along steep-sided river valleys.  

When disaster strikes in the form of landslides, floods, or especially earthquakes this means areas are instantly cut off from outside help and whole regions can effectively be compartmentalised.

Ensuring local communities are skilled and prepared to respond to disaster is the most economical way of ensuring people receive the help they need, fast.

In these remote areas, training like this from Team Rubicon and the Gurkha Welfare Trust can save more lives in the aftermath of disaster than the more dramatic responses you see on the evening news.

Supporting Team Rubicon will ensure we can continue to provide resilience training programmes to disaster-prone communities like those in Nepal – you can donate here.

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Team Rubicon UK is currently working closely with the Government on planning for the nationwide COVID-19 response.

Our fantastic network of Greyshirts have once more answered the call and are poised waiting to deploy on taskings UK wide.