Gorkha, Nepal

20 Mar -

03 Apr 2016




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The Need

Since the 7.9 M Earthquake of April 25, 2015 in Nepal, there have been numerous international initiatives to support the Nepalese population in returning to normality. There have been recent political tensions with India and the resulting country wide fuel and gas shortages have the potential to hamper ongoing humanitarian efforts. TRUK recently returned from supporting a PwC funded initiative facilitating the construction of 100 individual household transitional shelters, north of the town of Gorkha. This TRUK Non-Emergency deployment focuses on the rebuild of a Secondary School in a remote village location close to the epicentre of the Earthquake. The village school was recommended as an appropriate focus for our efforts by the DfID Regional Liaison Officer and is in line with the Government prioritiszation criteria for regeneration and reconstruction. The proposal for reconstruction has been approved at local Government level. The village school site is Praphat Kiran Secondary School, Lapubesi Ward 3, which is approx. 1hr NE of the town of Gorkha, which in turn is approx. 4.5 hrs drive W of Kathmandu. This village is approx. 2 hours hike on foot from the end of the vehicle track network. Transportation of equipment/building materials thereafter is either self-carried or by use of mule train (approx.10 rupees per kg). The village does not currently have electricity.

The Response

Team Rubicon deployed to Lapubesi in the Gorkha region of Nepal, in order to assist the village in all aspects of the rebuild of their school.