Road Train

British Virgin Islands

29 Jun -

31 Jul 2018




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The Need

In the event of a major hurricane (Category3/4/5) or other large-scale natural disaster impacting BVI, government resources are likely to be overwhelmed. Irma showed the importance of having trained people located in their communities who can respond to immediate and emerging needs created by the disaster, and then being able to communicate and coordinate their response with other community teams and national agencies. After Irma, many trained people did not mobilise because they had been trained some years before, and had no follow-up engagement to refresh skills or provide confidence in utilising those skills; in addition a major contributory factor to this was that there was also no call-out procedure established in the event of a communications black-out.

The Response

Team Rubicon worked with the Department of Disaster Management(DDM), Ministry of Health & Social Development (MHSD) and local NGOs to provide training and equipment to identified community members, both through DDM Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members, and other identified people, and to establish self-mobilisation procedures in the event of no communications network being available.