Rapid response

We call it ‘Rapid Response’ for good reason.

Our teams are agile and fast, arriving for duty just hours after a disaster has struck. Their aim is to provide immediate life support for disaster survivors and help create order in the chaos caused by crisis.

Life Support

We deliver against the primary needs of a disaster survivor; clean water, reliable off-grid power, robust satellite communications and connectivity.


Our water purifiers can deliver clean, safe water every day to disaster-struck communities


We clear debris and provide light repairs, allowing people to return to their homes in safety


Using solar, wind or hydro sources, we provide sustainable power where supplies have been damaged


Working with our partners, Inmarsat, we provide pop-up masts to allow for phone and internet connection.

Situational Awareness

Disasters create chaos. Our response needs to be planned and coordinated to ensure we know who needs what aid, where.

Our teams use a military approach to quickly and effectively map the disaster location, assess the needs of those in the area and monitor the progress against the aid requirements. We aim to create order in the chaos.


Our unique experience of military logistics is put into practice to ensure aid is delivered to those most in need.

We work with our partners to ensure their materials are delivered where they are needed, clearing routes and safeguarding the journey right through to the final mile, often the most challenging leg of the journey.

Capacity & Resilience

Finally, our aim is to help local communities become better equipped and prepared for potential future disasters.

We engage the community, helping them become part of the solution and provide training and equipment, incident management, consultancy and planning support.

We ensure everyone who wants to help, can, through management of spontaneous volunteers.