Veterans benefit from Team Rubicon’s mission in disaster relief. Disasters don’t happen every day, but life does. TR provides growth opportunities for volunteers that lead to outstanding execution in the field and success on the home front.

Building Blocks to Take Life by the Horns

In order to crush it in the field, one must have Fortitude: The state of being optimally prepared for TR’s mission and the culmination of readiness attributes. Attaining fortitude as it pertains to operational preparedness has a direct correlation to civilian preparedness; the ability to lead a healthy and fulfilled life.

Functional Readiness

A volunteer’s preparedness to deal with the technical challenges of any mission.

Physical Readiness

A volunteer’s preparedness to deal with the potential physical challenges of any mission

Mental Readiness

A volunteer’s preparedness to join and be well integrated into the team on mission

When TR is not deployed, there are
plenty of ways to stay engaged.

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