Recovery projects

Recovery Takes Time

Lapubesi - A Case Study

Delivering a programme into a remote mountain community in the Himalayas to provide energy resilience to schools and the wider infrastructure through renewable sources. The village itself until late, was only accessible by foot as a 3-hour climb following a 7-10 hour off-road drive from Kathmandu. Team Rubicon initially provided aid to this isolated village in the aftermath of the 2015 Nepal earthquake and have remained ever involved in its ongoing recovery.

This particular programme saw the refurbishment of a 30 kW micro-hydro plant providing power to 3,000 dependencies within the valley along with micro-grids being installed at the two school locations. This, in turn, enabled us to provide internet connectivity to these educational facilities to enhance learning through online resources.

Our Projects

We seek to identify remote and vulnerable communities in need of development assistance, often those where we have worked within in the aftermath of a disaster. Our focus is always to create resilience be it through disaster risk reduction training and capacity building or in order to create much-needed community infrastructure. This in itself can act as a catalyst for growth and recovery, be this through education facilities or clean-energy sources in particular. Our continued and underpinning considerations are in meeting with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Our People & Competency

We deliver with a military approach, drawing upon the skill sets of our veteran volunteer base in order to work within complex situations, mitigating risks and delivering to the highest standards. Through collaborative partnerships, we endeavour to identify, develop and implement projects to those in the most remote communities who need it support most.

Remote Communities

We thrive in the most challenging of environments, working in the places where others can’t or won’t go, to bring about impact for those who need it most. Our volunteers are forged through their military experience and they bring this experience with them to be able to operate in remote locations and the need for little support. Self-sufficiency is at the fore of what we are about.

Ethical Sourcing & Procurement

Our preferred approach is always to seek to work with local communities; contracting small businesses and artisans trades to promote a circular economy and help stimulate the economy in support of our programmes. We aim to always use the latest technology and source ethically through our supply chain to ensure best in class components that stand the test of time and deliver results. Our sustainable approach is about the development of local capacity to ensure the ongoing viability of our infrastructure through effective operations and maintenance.

We work together with the local community to deliver what they see is their primary need whilst aligning our project with the Sustainable Development Goals.