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Regional leadership for TRUK - where we are

Oz lays it down for new Greyshirts at our January training course

G’day fellow Greyshirts. Oz here. I’m going to attempt to expose what we are working on in Operations.

When I was first asked to get involved with the website I was dead against it, however after being collared by Si Brodie and harangued for failing to communicate I changed my mind. I should warn you that I have no blogging experience, hated creative writing at school and write like someone who has spent all their adult life in the Army. So, if you are already bored tune out now as it’s only going to get worse.

Rolling out the Regional leadership structure is where I would like to start this blog. If you were to measure effort by output then it would appear that we have done little. So at this point I would like to apologise to all of you who have been patiently waiting for direction and we have let down. There is good news though.

Over the weekend of 17-19 February, fifteen Greyshirts and five staff divided into three syndicates (Operations, Membership and Fundraising) and locked themselves into a room to smash out a three year plan. Having completed that they sunk some beers, did some practical challenges, then dove into organisational design and resource requirements. If this sounds like fun then I really suck at this blog thing.

So where are we now? This week we have brought together the three strands into a master plan. I intend to push this to the members who contributed in the workshop and ask for some feedback. We are also going to advertise and select Regional Administrators by the end of March - these roles are our primary point of contact between HQ and the regions. The next step will be going out for the next tier of Regional Leadership appointments (e.g. Fundraising,  Membership, Operations, Training (Individual and Collective), PR, Wellness and Social). Having done this and given them the opportunity to mess with it we will then push the plan as an infographic to you all (by no later than mid-April). Underpinning all this, at HQ we will be establishing the raft of protocols we need to make this work - we’ll be keeping in contact with you while we do this.

We’re holding a Facebook Live event at the end of March to share more on our progress and plans. Make sure you’re following TRUK on Facebook to find out more and send us your questions.

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