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Inmarsat provides vital connectivity for our disaster response in BVI

Inmarsat have once again shown themselves to be a vital partner in Team Rubicon’s disaster response work by providing satellite communications equipment and connectivity to support our deployment in the Caribbean following Hurricane Irma.

Senior U.K. Military and Civil Servant staff coordinate preparations for Hurricane Maria in BVI using an Inmarsat BGAN with support from Inmarsat subconded staff to Team Rubicon UK (Image: Ellie Mackay)

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Irma, Inmarsat equipment and support served as a critical lifeline, providing the only internet and telephone connectivity available from affected areas. This allowed the Military and UK Civil Service to coordinate preparations for the arrival of Hurricane Maria, residents to contact families to let them know they were unharmed, and Team Rubicon disaster responders to stay in contact with our Mission Hub in the UK.

Ben Colton of Inmarsat serving as a Team Rubicon Greyshirt uses an Inmarsat satcomms unit to communicate with the UK. (Image: Simon Gee)

“We have connected many people with short calls to their families, a lot of them for the first time today since the hurricane. [Inmarsat’s] provision of sat coverage has allowed us to pass assessment traffic back to CDEMA (Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency) and hopefully assist with getting folk the relief they need quicker.” – Craig Elsdon, Serve On

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