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Sitrep 07/07/17 - Building continues in Uganda

Our second wave of volunteers has already completed a kitchen at Canrom School (Image: Sheila Bazett)

A team of volunteers has returned from Uganda following a successful two weeks in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement, working with partners Feed the Hungry and the refugee community to build fuel-efficient kitchens which will feed up to 20,000 schoolchildren. A second wave of volunteers has started work and has made great progress, completing a new school kitchen at Canrom and making good progress with further building work.

The video below gives more background on our project in Uganda and highlights so far.

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We are preparing for next month’s deliberate operation in Cebu, Philippines, which is a multi-layered collaborative effort with Serve On and Dentaid, as well as in-country partners. This project, focussed on Umapad Elementary School in Manduae City, will include heavy support for rebuilding work, dental treatment, training and educational support.

Review and post-operation admin continues on our deployment to Sri Lanka after all volunteers have returned home.

Planned operations in Nepal have been postponed due to some logistical issues - work continues to develop these projects which are likely to be delivered in 2018.

TR Operations has stood down from monitoring the Philippines following a 6.5M earthquake on 6 July.

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