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SITREP - Hurricane Irma

UPDATE 9th September 2017


Hurricane Irma has ripped through the Caribbean, destroying homes and livelihoods, flattening hospitals and laying waste to roads, communications, water and electricity supplies.

Team Rubicon UK’s skilled volunteers are already in the region, assessing the damage and preparing to move into devastated communities to deliver vital help to those who have lost everything.

We need your support now so that we can get to work as quickly as possible. Time is of the essence.

Even as Hurricane Irma barrels towards the United States, another massive storm, Jose, is threatening the already ravaged islands of Barbuda and Anguilla. For the people of these islands, and others near them, the nightmare is not yet over.

We have volunteers in Barbados and Port-au-Prince, Haiti, ready to move to the worst affected islands as soon as they can to help people pick up the pieces of their lives after the strongest Atlantic storm in recorded history. We are ready to do whatever is needed, working hand-in-hand with other humanitarian organisations and local officials.

These people are going to need everything, and fast. Local officials have described scenes of utter devastation: 90 percent of the island of Barbuda has been destroyed. Airports are flooded, schools and hospitals have been knocked out, and at least 23 people have been killed.

With our US colleagues in Team Rubicon USA already grappling with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, deploying more volunteers than ever before to communities across Texas, Team Rubicon UK’s presence in the Caribbean is essential to save lives and start the long road to recovery.

Many of our volunteers are veterans. They know what to do and they are ready to do it.

Please donate now so that we can get these dedicated people to where they are most needed. Thank you very much.

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