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Sri Lanka flooding – TRUK deploying a recce team

Update 5 June 2017

See below for a situation report from our recce team. Donate now to support our deployment to Sri Lanka.

Team Rubicon UK has sent a four-man assessment team to Sri Lanka following severe flooding throughout the country.

After two days of torrential rain 206 people have lost their lives and a further 92 are missing.The Government estimates more than 658,490 people have been directly affected by floods andlandslides. At least 150,000 are women, 7,600 are pregnant and a further 189,000 are children.

Reaching these isolated communities across such a vast area is proving extremely challenging because of the lack of roads. Many routes have been destroyed and many remain submerged. Homes have been devastated and many have become inhabitable. In the hardest hit areas flooding and landslides have caused extensive damage and the situation is deteriorating daily.

Sri Lanka’s Disaster Management Centre has issued further landslide and flood warnings as theweather continues to hamper relief. In Rathnapui district alone 44,473 displaced people are nowspread across 190 locations.

1 June 2017

Team Rubicon UK are deploying a four-man recce team to Sri Lanka following flooding in central, southern and western parts of the country after two days of early rainy season downpours.

Sri Lanka’s Disaster Management Centre has issued landslide and flood warnings, as weather patterns changed due to a depression in the Bay of Bengal. Strong winds have hit the country and further rainfall of up to 100 mm has fallen in most of the flood-affected areas and central hill areas.

The rains also inundated major roads in the region, causing disruption in transport services and hampering rescue boat operations. The worst affected areas are Bulathsinhala in Kalutara District, and Galle. The large rivers Kalu, Kelani, Gin, Nilwala, and Attanagalu Oya are predicted to spill over their banks in 15 districts, located in the country’s southern and western regions. Access to some areas remain limited in the hard-hit south and western parts of the country. Some towns have been under 18 feet of water. The authorities estimate that more than 1,800 homes have been damaged and 442,000 people affected. Media reports are estimating that 250 have lost their lives and a further 97 are still missing.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs made an appeal to UN, International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG) and neighbouring countries to provide assistance. Search and Rescue operations are underway internally.

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