Team Rubicon sends drones to help Palu earthquake relief effort

Team Rubicon have been asked by the Indonesian authorities to provide drone support to the National Board for Disaster Management as they continue their recovery operation following last week’s devastating earthquake and tsunami on the island of Sulawesi.

We are now in a position to use our technology and skills to help the Indonesian government support its people in a time of need. Our in-country team is now en-route to Palu.

The death toll on the island now stands at over 1500 and the situation for survivors is still desperate. Priority needs still remain: fresh water, food, shelter and power.

UPDATE: 10 October 2018

Thousands of people are known to have died following the Indonesian earthquake and tsunami, with at least 5,000 still missing.

Together with colleagues from Team Rubicon Australia, we are continuing to provide damage assessments, via drone, for the National Board for Disaster Management.

We are fundraising for this mission via Crowdfunder – you can help support the survivors by donating below.

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