Team Rubicon UK successfully completes Drone Training

This month a number of Team Rubicon UK were fortunate to take part in important Drone Training course, provided by Heliguy, supporters of TRUK and its’ work.

Drones play an increasingly significant part in both domestic and international disaster response, as explained in our detailed article on drone support in 2015.

Often in times of crisis there will be a shortage of available manned helicopters for reconnaissance, as these will be involved in live rescue missions. Unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, are therefore essential for aerial support. Drones can be used for comprehensive data mapping and collection after a disaster. With ground-based field surveys time-consuming and difficult in, say, the rough terrain of the Himalayas, a quick-moving and well-controlled UAV can cover as much as 10 square kilometres in a few hours, at a very high resolution.

It is important that at any given moment in time, we have a number of trained and experienced drone pilots. Neil Pettifer, Rich McSweeney, Paul Taylor and Dion McDougal were put through their paces in Farnborough over a 3 day pilot training course.

Neil commented, “The use of small drones for reconnaissance work in disaster response is already important and sure to become more so. Team Rubicon UK thrives on innovation and using drones to map disaster-affected areas and conduct rapid impact assessments is a technique we’re keen to develop further.   Happily, Heliguy’s phenomenal depth of knowledge, professional training, and accessibility can only help us progress in this area.”

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