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TR partnering up to tackle poverty and build community resilience in the Philippines

TR partnering up to tackle poverty and build community resilience in the Philippines

Team Rubicon UK is partnering with Serve On and Dentaid to deliver a multi-layered collaborative effort that leaves a lasting legacy for the children and community in Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines.

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The city of Mandaue is on the island of Cebu. It is a large city of around 365,000 with little funding for schooling for the poorest people within the city. Large areas of slum condition housing border its city limits, with little or no opportunities for the young people there to progress away from poverty and into employment. The school has suffered from damage from earthquake, typhoons and a recent fire.

Children risk their lives sifting through rubbish in the Umapad dump site

The mission, Operation Katimbang, is focused on Umapad Elementary School in Mandaue City. Umapad Elementary is a publicly funded school that offers education to a group termed as “scavenger children” as they live mainly by recycling other people’s waste into money. The school services a slum area that has been devastated by numerous incidents from the earthquakes, large fires and damage from recent typhoon activity. The buildings are built mainly from scrap materials and are susceptible to bad weather conditions. The school is struggling with providing good opportunities for education and is groaning under the weight of students and lack of resources.

The project aims to help the children and community of this poor area of Mandaue City

Through working collectively with partners we will provide vital repairs to the school, support teachers with training and equipment and enhance delivery of education to the poorest children in the city.

  • Team Rubicon will deliver the heavy support to the operation with construction moving rubble, working with local people to rebuild rooms and make them education ready
  • Dentaid will provide a Dental Treatment Centre whilst construction work takes place
  • A Serve On Search and Rescue team will work with local first responders and community support volunteers to establish a bridge of training and support for future links
  • Serve On student members from the Salisbury area will work alongside University of Cebu students to provide educational support and to offer resources to support learning.

We need your support to deliver this project, which will make a huge difference to a community living in extreme poverty. Donate now.

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