Training – what we’ve done and where we’re heading

Director of Field Operations Oz Lane has recently blogged about our progress with regional expansion in the UK and pre-planned international operations. Oz is back with the latest from TRUK Ops.

For my latest update I want to give you all a run-down on what we have done and where we are heading on training. I am really proud of what we have achieved in a short space of time and want to thank all the Ops team for their hard work and also all the Greyshirts who have all leant in and helped out.

In January we conducted a rudimentary assessment into the training requirements needed to support operational outputs and this work is graphically displayed below. The key deliverable from this work is a volunteer map of training courses informing the various roles, operation types and training activities to empower you all to take control of your journey within TR.

Each of these courses focuses on one or two central themes – on the Induction course it is TR ethos, for example. Similarly, each will concentrate on a key TR capability (e.g. debris management, spontaneous volunteer management or SPONVOL, light assessment, etc) and be set within either a Domestic or International setting. The aim is to establish more of a holistic approach. The course that’s missing at the moment is the core operators course – the plan is to introduce that early next year.

Individual Training Courses

From January the team have designed and delivered three new courses – Train The Trainer (T3), Incident Management Team and International Operators. This has been a Herculean effort whilst also getting 6 deliberate operations off the ground and all the other stuff that we need to do.

Induction & T3

179 members have been inducted from a membership base of 1178. 77 have been trained this year alone. Our target for the next Financial Year (FY) is 200. Both January and March’s induction figures were 33% above last year’s average course number and our highest totals yet which is pleasing. This month we also began training volunteers to deliver the induction course with the aim of facilitating course delivery in the Regions by 2018/19. 27 have been trained so far. The secondary benefit is this will help facilitate capacity building to indigenous disaster responders overseas as part of our Deliberate Ops programme.

Incident Management Team (IMT)

The trial TR IMT course was delivered to 15 TRUK Greyshirts by Team Rubicon Global in January 17. We are going to rename this the Op Leaders Course and adapt it to consist of three modules: T3 (one day), Strike Team leader (two days) and IMT (two days). We will roll this out on the next course (23-28 April).

International Operations training in March 2017

International Operator

This week we ran the inaugural TR International Operators course. I have been hugely impressed by the results, not least the willingness of our Greyshirts to learn and also the vast amount of support we got from Greyshirts in helping run the course. This course is important step to increasing our effectiveness and therefore reputation within the international arena so its success is absolutely pivotal.

Speciality Courses

This week we were offered a free place on a Security and Risk Management course delivered by Frontier Risks at the Emergency Planning College. This generous offer is something we hope we can take advantage of again and offer up to our Greyshirts. Concurrently, we are actively seeking opportunities with other providers.

Collective Training

Our collective training plan has four aims: 1) improve effectiveness, 2) influence domestic and international stakeholders, 3) keep members engaged and 4) provide PR opportunities. There will be a number of Local Resilience Forum (LRF) training opportunities this year which we will advertise but I want to highlight that this year our training main effort is SIMEX (05-11 May). This is a multi-agency UK and international response exercise, run by Portsmouth University Disaster School, FCO, SERVE ON and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service. It is promoted to be the largest of its type globally and will be based in and around Portsmouth. It will be observed by the UN and Local Authorities/the LRF community so it is our opportunity outside of operations to prove the value we can unleash. We are aiming for 40 Greyshirts taking part across three areas of work: 1) International assessment and liaison, 2) UK SPONVOL management and 3) Role play and exercise assistance. I strongly commend this exercise to you. So, if you want TR to increase its operational output then come and make this exercise a success.

If you got this far then go get a beer from the fridge; you deserve it!

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