Uganda field report – into the final week of building

The video above provides some background on this project as well as an update on progress so far. You can donate to support this project now.

TR volunteer Rachel doubles as team medic when not bricklaying (Image: Sheila Bazett)

Our team in Uganda is now in their final week of building work. Overall, Team Rubicon is delivering seven kitchens at schools across Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement, with the kitchen at Kiryandongo High School being double-sized. Our first wave of volunteers completed four kitchens before handing over to the current team just over a week ago.

Cooks prepare food at Panyadoli Hills Primary in the current kitchen (Image: Sheila Bazett)

Great progress has been made with a new kitchen at Panyadoli Hills Primary School, and the team hopes to complete the double kitchen at Kiryandongo High School early this week, with stove construction starting when materials become available. As well as being more permanent structures, the new kitchens include stoves which are designed to use fuel much more efficiently than the current open fires, conserving limited fuel resources in the refugee settlement.

The new kitchen at Canrom School (Image: Sheila Bazett)

Every kitchen that has been completed has reminded our team how much they have accomplished, working alongside local labourers and despite challenges like waiting for materials to arrive that have meant that no two working days have been the same.

Canrom cooks Josephine and Chindiru

New kitchens will increase feeding capacity at several schools across Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement – providing food in schools increases attendance by an estimated 40%, relieving pressure on families and improving their children’s prospects. Our team spoke with Josephine and Chindiru, cooks at Canrom School employed by Feed the Hungry, who will now be able to cook in the kitchen our team has completed. Josephine and Chindiru saw their husbands killed by a militia group before fleeing South Sudan with their children. Now, their children are at the school and Josephine’s son is at university in Uganda. They were very grateful for our help and support.

TR volunteer Brett spends time teaching a science class (Image: Sheila Bazett)

Meanwhile, TR volunteer Brett has spent some time with a science class, talking about flowers, germination, pollination and crop rotation. The class were fully engrossed and loved his enthusiasm. The teacher, who was present the whole time, was very pleased with Brett’s knowledge.

Feed the Hungry UK Operations Direction Gwyn Williams laying bricks at a new school kitchen (Image: Sheila Bazett)

Gwyn Williams, Operations Director for our partners Feed the Hungry UK, recently joined the team in Uganda, so the team have put him to work bricklaying.

Feed the Hungry UK Operations Direction Gwyn Williams laying bricks at a new school kitchen (Image: Sheila Bazett)

Our team is due to return home this weekend, and we’ll be following up with more images and reflections.


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