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Uganda field report – TR volunteers continue building work

Now in their second week in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement (KRS), Uganda, Team Rubicon volunteers have made great progress with kitchen building, working alongside local labourers and partners Feed the Hungry.

TR volunteers constructing a kitchen roof frame (Image: Mike Drummond-Smith)

At Arnold Primary School, a roof has been added to the first kitchen building the volunteers started last week, with work starting on roofing the kitchen at another.

TR volunteer Keith Ellis works to assemble a section of roof timber. (Image: Justine Gosling)

The carpentry team has been compared to a Formula 1 pit team, with a slick operation resulting in the imminent completion of two of the four buildings they were tasked to complete already.

TR volunteers Alistair Ladds and Mike Drummond-Smith in a newly-roofed kitchen with Noh, Feed the Hungry’s KRS Camp Representative and our main contact on the ground.

Work has not been without its challenges – some materials have taken time to be delivered, and have been of mixed quality. High winds caused a sand storm yesterday which affected visibility and prevented work. The volunteers have remained positive and motivated, and are seeing reminders of the value of this work on a daily basis. On Monday, a few of the volunteers helped serve porridge to children at a pre-school. The porridge is currently made 500 meters away at a nearby school and carried to the pre-school, but with the completion of a new kitchen, food can be prepared right next to the pre-school.

The numbers of children to be fed at Arnold Primary School. TR volunteers are building eight kitchens in Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement, to feed thousands more children at Arnold and other schools. (Image: Justine Gosling)

A second wave of volunteers will arrive in KRS shortly to continue work, aiming to deliver a total of eight kitchens that will together support feeding many thousands of schoolchildren.

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