Urgent request for fighting fund support

Thanks to your support over the past two years, Team Rubicon UK has trained and deployed numerous emergency response teams to disaster-stricken regions across the world.

Our predominantly ex-military volunteers possess the exceptional know-how and experience to aid populations suffering from the impact of extreme climatic events, such as earthquake, hurricane and flood.

With ‘peak disaster season’ upon us, we are once again gearing up to respond. To ensure we have the required teams available when needed, our primary focus is on recruitment and training of former servicemen and women together with highly-skilled emergency service civilians.

We are looking for contributions to support our urgent Fighting Fund which will be used to ensure our expert teams are trained and ready for deployment, able to mobilise within hours.

Through a financial contribution to our Fighting Fund you will help us to get a reconnaissance team on the ground in the immediate aftermath of disaster; deliver life-saving aid (from headlamps and ration packs, heavy duty gloves to sat phones; water purifiers to power boxes); to distribute aid and provide emergency shelter.

“It’s extremely important to have strong international partners like Team Rubicon on the ground helping us here. They bring their expertise, we have our local knowledge, we put that all together and we have a winning combination”

Brodrick Penn – Chairman Recovery Co-Ord Committee, British Virgin Islands

Over the past year alone, we have helped bring order to the chaos caused by disaster around the world, from floods and landslides in Sri Lanka to Hurricanes Irma and Maria in the Caribbean.

And on home shores, we provided life-changing support to already vulnerable communities in Lancashire and Cornwall after severe floods.

With cyclones circling Japan and China; floods and landslides affecting India, Bangladesh and the Philippines; wildfires raging in the US and Greece, our teams are on 24-hour alert, monitoring and tracking weather systems, ready to respond.

With your support, as soon as a call for international assistance is issued, our emergency response teams will be on their way.

On behalf of Team Rubicon and our rapid response volunteers, who see first-hand the difference we make to communities on their darkest day, we thank you for any support you are able to provide.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Sharp

CEO, Team Rubicon UK

P.S. As I write, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake has struck Indonesia, killing over 90 people and leaving thousands more displaced. This is just the latest example of the real risks faced by billions of people for whom natural disasters are an ever present spectre and who Team Rubicon UK can assist with your support.

Donate here to help fund the deployment of our experts to help those effected by this terrible disaster.

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