Find Your Role

Everyone has a role. Know it.

There’s a role for everyone in the TRibe, from Fundraiser to International Operator, Story Teller to Mission Hub Watchkeeper. Everyone has a part to play… what’s your role?

Domestic Operator

You want to help communities all over the UK suffering their worst day possible. Nothing gives you greater satisfaction than pulling up flood soaked carpets or scraping mud away from a vital access route. You are willing to leave the comfort of your home to throw yourself into the sweaty, filthy job of a UK crisis.

International Operator

Longer term commitment is your thing. You are willing and able to take a minimum of two weeks off work every year to go and shore up some of the most disaster prone countries during pre planned operations, be it through training local responders, building shelters, or repairing damage caused by previous disasters.

International Responder

You are the first to put your hand up. You have flexibility in your personal and professional life. You are trained and ready to help those most in need in the chaos post- disaster. You are willing to leave the comfort of your home to throw yourself into the danger and uncertainty of a disaster zone.

Our intensive  training  programmes up-skill  our volunteers so they can hit the ground running, ready and able to respond to whatever is thrown  at them. So, when disaster strikes,  we can alert our Greyshirts and rapidly form teams who can be deployed within hours.

We know all our volunteers come with skills and experiences that make them uniquely placed to help disaster survivors. Our training map can help you decide where in the organisation you wish to sit and ensures we always have the right people with the right skills ready for action.