Why volunteer

Because we can, we must. We are built to serve.

Life in the armed forces is truly unique, providing skills and experiences that cannot be replicated in the civilian world. This makes our ex-military community a highly valuable asset to our country, and the rest of the world. At Team Rubicon we repurpose those skills to the benefit of others.

Leaving the Forces can be tough. Transitioning into civilian life can feel like entering a whole new world. You have been trained for action, certain of your purpose and surrounded by a team who’ve always got your back. What next? By volunteering with TR UK our volunteers find a renewed sense of purpose, they join a welcoming community where they always belong and have an opportunity to use their experiences to help others. 

The unique skills and mindset demonstrated in our teams allow us to send our volunteers into highly challenging locations, going wherever the need  is greatest. Working with agility and determination, they use their military experience to reach some of the most isolated communities and provide aid to those most hard to reach.

TRUK is a unique charity that demonstrates the indomitable spirit of our veterans and their value to society.

The current perception of veterans focuses on the more negative aspects of military life and difficult transitions into civilian life. Numerous social and psychological factors are attributed to our veterans including depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, feeling isolated, lonely and losing purpose in life.

TRUK combats these issues by recognising veteran’s talents and giving them a renewed purpose, community and identity. We give them the chance to learn and train among peers and feel pride as well as a sense of belonging, whilst greatly improving skill sets and CVs.

TRUK is demonstrating how veterans are ideally suited to humanitarian work, reaching those in need in their communities and abroad, but in conjunction with this we are improving mental fitness, encouraging positive approaches to transition into civilian life and reducing the social isolation veterans can experience.

But don't just take our word for it:

"Without TR, I would have probably fallen on depression a long time ago. It gave me the mental resilience, drive and desire as well as lot of self-belief."
"The value of TR cannot be fully expressed easily as it's a totally holistic experience. Former services personnel frequently struggle with returning to the normalities of civilian life, but can never really work out why or verbalise it. Some of them for decades after. TR allows veterans to feel useful again in an environment where they are needed and surrounded by people with a similar mindset in order to serve a higher purpose."
"In a world that can feel extremely lonely, selfish and insular, TRUK reminds you that there is a lot of good out there."
"Without it, I wouldn't be where I am today. I owe the success of my business and my mental health to TR. I cannot think of anything else that has this effect, yet TR also at the same time helps those in need around the globe."
"It’s a great bridge between my military family and my new civilian life."
"Many people talk about transition from the military being the biggest challenge, however this wasn’t something that I experienced. It was six years after leaving the Army that I started to question who I was and what my purpose was; I had been a Soldier and an Officer in the British Army, I’d been on operational tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, I’d been a part of Airborne Forces. I needed a sense of purpose and an identity. This was when I found Team Rubicon UK and filled that void by becoming a TRUK volunteer."
"I have faced many problems over the years i.e. anxiety and depression and TRUK has given me a purpose in life and a sense of belonging again. My goals are to put aside my issues and to help others in a time of need this helps me with my development through gaining my confidence to be able to progress but at the same time making someone’s life that bit easier."
"I believe the work I do with Team Rubicon is valued and that the impact it as on people’s lives in a time of need is amazing. To do the smallest of things for someone is the biggest thing to them. It also helps us as volunteers as it helps you learn more about yourself and even put you on a path to your future."
"The life long friendships I’ve made in Team Rubicon amount to one of the strongest, most supportive, inclusive, and open communities I know. We share our greatest triumphs, our biggest challenges, and our dark days. We help each other with the silly minutia and we hold each other up when things seem impossible. This is my chosen family."
"I met some of my closest friends in the Army during basic training. Some of my other closest friends are the ones I’ve met whilst training to be a disaster responder with Team Rubicon. Those friends and I have since gone on to provide clean drinking water to displacement camps after a tsunami, deliver aid to isolated and remote locations hit by cyclones, and supported people who’s homes were flooded in the UK."

Whilst Team Rubicon UK is primarily made up of Veterans from across the armed forces, we also welcome those who have served as civilian first responders and members of the public with a genuine desire to help.