Why volunteer

Because we can, we must. We are built to serve.

Life in the armed forces is truly unique, providing skills and experiences that cannot be replicated in the civilian world. This makes our ex-military community a highly valuable asset to our country, and the rest of the world. At Team Rubicon we repurpose those skills to the benefit of others.

Leaving the Forces can be tough. Transitioning into civilian life can feel like entering a whole new world. You have been trained for action, certain of your purpose and surrounded by a team who’ve always got your back. What next? By volunteering with TR UK our volunteers find a renewed sense of purpose, they join a welcoming community where they always belong and have an opportunity to use their experiences to help others. 

The unique skills and mindset demonstrated in our teams allow us to send our volunteers into highly challenging locations, going wherever the need  is greatest. Working with agility and determination, they use their military experience to reach some of the most isolated communities and provide aid to those most hard to reach.

Want to be part of the action?

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